Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you had known them forever? Everything about that person seemed familiar and likable.  You know, that feeling you get when you know you will be friends for a long time.

When you first hear Chris Ryan sing; these are some of the emotions that might run through your mind.  Chris’ smooth vocals, accompanied by sensible, hooky melodies, and intricate acoustic guitar will lure you in.  You are left wanting to hear more.

If Chris seems comfortable singing and playing, it’s because he’s been doing it for almost as long as he can remember.  “Chris Ryan’s lyrics are introspective yet approachable, his voice is youthful but seasoned, and his style is timeless.” (Caitlin Hill – Director, ABC Creative Music Services)

Maybe Chris Ryan’s music seems familiar because you have heard him before.  From ABC soap operas (General Hospital, One Life To Live, All My Children) to 20/20 and Good Morning America; on any given day, Chris’ music may be broadcasting over the airwaves supporting stories of life, love and tragedy on any of these shows.

In addition to music for television, Chris has released a few of his own original projects on iTunes.  His CD’s; Colors, EP’s I, II, and III and various singles are all available.

He has also kept himself busy touring the US and other parts of the world with bands since he was 15 years old.  Chris plays drums, bass, or guitar; whatever the current band happens to need at the time.

Most recently, Ryan’s song, This Changes Everything, was featured on General Hospital’s 2016 Nurses Ball.  It was also Chris’ television debut as he played acoustic guitar and sang in the scene.  Another key television placement included his song, Into Your Arms, featured on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy.

You have only seen the beginning of Chris Ryan and his music. He has the talent and originality that sets him above the rest of the crowd.

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Apr 12
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  • Erin Murphy Says:

    Can’t wait to hear and see more of this fine talented young musician!!! Love his songs!!!

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